Why become a Scottish Rite Mason?

Before you can join the Scottish Rite, you first must become a Master Mason in a Lodge under a Grand Lodge that belongs to the Conference of Grand Masters in North America (COGMINA) or to a Grand Lodge recognized by a COGMINA Grand Lodge. For further information, contact us so we can assist you in finding the Masonic lodge nearest you. If you are already a Blue Lodge Mason then we encourage you to learn more about the Scottish Rite.

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, commonly known as the Scottish Rite, is the largest and most widely practiced Masonic Rite in the world and employs a Lodge system.

Although there is no higher degree than that of a Master Mason, the 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite serve to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge. It is a sort of "graduate course" in Masonic teachings. A Mason who chooses to further his Masonic experience by becoming a 32� Scottish Rite Mason will be expanding upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry.